Business Valuations

What is my business worth?

A common seller question is "What's my business worth?" and answering this question is often the starting point of an owner's decision to attempt a sale or not. To begin the process, we provide business owners with our opinion of value and we do this through:

Industry Expertise

We use industry-leading data sources to provide an analysis based on recent comparable sales (the market approach to valuation) of like-type businesses.


We sell companies under confidential disclosure conditions, effectively finding and screening prospects to sort the serious and capable buyers from the tire kickers.


As fiduciaries we work in trust with our clients, always putting their interests ahead of our own. We serve small & mid-sized privately-owned businesses of nearly all types in the central Ohio market.


For a more in-depth analysis, we also provide certified business valuations for purposes other than selling (for example estate transfers or tax determination) through an affiliation with Business Evaluation Systems, the foremost business valuation specialist in the United States.

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